Compress HTML

Using this online compress HTML tool you can compress the size of the HTML file. This compress HTML tool reduces the page load time of your website.

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It's fast to minify any HTML codes. You can easily minify HTML codes & copy them from this online tool.


We ensure that your Codes are very secure. Why because we don't upload any Codes anywhere on the Server.

All Platforms Supported

This online HTML minify tool is browser-based and functions independently. You can access this tool from any OS.

Powerful Tools

You can access or use the HTML minify tool online on the Internet using any browser from any operating system.

How to minify HTML code online?

  1. Paste HTML codes into the input box that you want to minify.
  2. After pasting, click on the Minify button.
  3. Finally, copy minified HTML codes from the output box.

Using this online compress HTML tool you can reduce the size of the HTML file. This compress HTML tool removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments. After removing all unnecessary codes the file size of HTML will automatically reduce. Now, these HTML codes will more difficult to read but code will work as previously. So, it’s simple to minify any HTML codes into compressed by using this online HTML minify. After minifying HTML, you can copy all the codes and paste it where you have copied. It’s simple to do this and make your website faster.

Why we compress HTML?

The main purpose of compressing HTML is to increase the speed of a website. This minified HTML load fast and save extra loading time. If you minify HTML of your website, your website will load fast than without minify HTML. So, you can use our tool to minify easily without having trouble. Now, you can do your website faster and easy to load.